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that ONE friend…

… that never calls you. You’re always the one that calls. And when you do call, chances are they don’t pick up. And when they do pick up, chances are they’ll turn you down for whatever reason anyway. So what’s my solution? Stop calling. Chances are they won’t notice.

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Someone just sent me a message, saying, I kid you not,

Man your pretty are you sure you don’t want to chat

You sure do know how to charm a girl with your grammatical errors and lack of punctuation marks. Marry me. Now. 

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HAPPY TIME: Nostalgia

Which Trang are you talking about? THIS Trang???? What’d i write????


I reread all my old notes from high school last night.

Nerd Day during Spirit Week, 2005

(I should redo my eyebrows like that.)

  • All the notes from Monica made me laugh so much my belly ached!
  • I found a really sweet note from Trang <3 ( which wasn’t written during highschool but nostalgic regardless)
  • MANY notes from…

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grow a pair…

I’m sorry but I can’t take you seriously if you have a wiener and our conversation ends with you saying, “See you Sunday. Kiss kiss.”